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Our Tableware Products are where all the familiar materials of the crafts come together: ceramics, bamboo, lacquer, and fabrics.

From front left to rear right:

Sakura Sushi Set: the familiar cherry blossoms make their appearance in this sushi set. Paired with two sauce dishes and two chopsticks. Sushi plates are commonly identified by their rectangular shape.

Ginko Bowl Set: these bowls have a ginko leaf stamp design on the interior. The deep crimson glaze on the outside will match well with any red lacquer ware and comes with two pairs of black red-tipped chopsticks.

Milk-drop Sauce Dishes: between the Ginko Bowls are a triplet of modern Japanese designed sauce dishes. Captured just at the right time, the milk drops form an elegant shape perfect for any pickles or sauces.

Imari Sake Set: Also known as Arita-yaki porcelains, this golden-rimmed colorful sake set features Japanese flowers and birds.

Botanical Set Bowls and Sauce Dishes: Each item in this set of five displays different seasonal flora from Japan. They include painted Cherry blossoms, Nandia shrub, Persimmon fruit, Wisteria blossoms, and Plum blossoms.

Moon Bunny Cloth (background): Known as Tsuki no Usagi in Japanese folklore, the shape of a rabbit pounding rice cakes can be seen in the shadows on the lunar surface. The Moon Bunny couldn't be more fitting for this year, because 2011 happens to also be the Year of the Rabbit.