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The Japanese Bento lunch is a single-serving meal that is prepared for oneself or a loved one and packed neatly into a Bento Box. The containers are compact with layers for portability and can come in many designs often made in either lacquer or plastic. Bento boxes are a great way to keep moderate portions for the diet conscious, or just to help get into the habit of making lunches at home. Many fun items can accompany the activity of making a Bento lunch, such as featured here.

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Bento Box: typically they include two layers with inner compartment dividers. Bento Boxes are traditionally wrapped with a cloth known as a Koburoshiki. Most are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are easy to clean by hand.

Utensils: wooden crafted spoons or spoon/fork combined with chopsticks into one for your convenience.

Molds: save some time and make lunch fun by using molds to create fancy shapes for your rice or eggs. The molds work by allowing the food to set in a fun shape.